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Want To Find Your Best Keywords?

The absolute foundation of any effective search engine optimization effort is selecting the best keywords to target. Choose the wrong words and you will either face great challenges with ranking well for them or... You may rank well but end up with the wrong traffic to your site.

Keyword Research Tools

There a number tools available that can help with selecting the best keywords for you to target but without a doubt the leading keyword research tool provided by "Wordtracker".

About Wordtracker

Wordtracker is based in London, England and has been around since 1999. Their powerful, yet easy-to-use keyword research tools helps website owners and search engine marketers determine which keywords and phrases are relevant to the website they want to promote. What's more, it also tell you which keywords are most likely to be used as queries by peopke using search engines. Wordtracker even provides you with the relative "competitiveness" of the keywords you are considering so that you get a feel for how challenging it might be to rank well for that keyword. Wordtracker is the tool of choice among many professional search engine optimizers and web marketing specialists.

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